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Sports Premium

What is Sports Premium? Below is how we use it...

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Attached above is the timetable for who South Ribble Sports Partnership are and when they will be in delivering lessons.

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Above is the forecast of spending for Sport Premium this academic year.

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Above is the evaluation for the impact of Sports Premium funding. If you require further information, please contact the school office.

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To view the current sports provision for 2018/19 please click the text or icon above.

Planned Forecast of School Sports Premium 2018-2019

Amount of Sports Premium allocation: £17,540

Sports Premium Allocation


PE Subject Leader Training

INSET- Guide to achieving 30 mins physical activity per day


Annual PE Conference

Update for schools on National PE agendas and best practice workshops


Total PE investment:


School Games Competitions and Festivals

Teacher release from 5-6 high school PE departments to create the staffing infrastructure for the SSP to staff all School Games events and offer local as well as Borough competitions at Level 2.

Staff to run Central Venue Leagues in Netball, Football and Tag Rugby, and to plan and run additional local level 2 events leading to Borough finals.

Administration of the SSP related activities including CPD, all events, festivals and competitions, plus support with monitoring and reporting.

Training and deployment of secondary school based leaders to help run and officiate at all School Games events.

Costs of and transportation of equipment for all events.

Facilities for all events.

Catering for staff attending many events.

Sports Hall Athletics support in preparation for Level 2/3 competitions.

Medals/ trophies/ certificates/ engraving.

Support with School Games Mark applications.

Guidance around reporting impact of Sports Premium funding.

Guidance around other aspects relating to sport, PE, health and wellbeing when requested.


Yr 3/4 competition programme

1 per term, Sports hall Athletics, Mini Tennis and Tag Rugby.

Inclusion / Change for Life

3 annual events, 1 per term including multi sports, target games and athletics activities. Ideally these events provide opportunities for pupils who are not selected for other School Games events.

KS 1 competitions

3 annual events, 1 per term including events such as Change for Life, multi sports, dance and movement and athletic activities.    


Total School Games and Competition Investment:


Change4 Life 

Change4Life - Equipment bag and resources.



Welfare staff training- 1 x ½ day.


Young Leader Training- 2 x ½ day.


Leadership Ambassadors Training Festival

1 morning in September for TAs/ Welfare staff and 4 young Leadership Ambassadors to train and bring new Change for Life lunchtime activities back to School.


Total Health and Wellbeing Investment:


Overall Total Investment in South Ribble “Active Schools” Programme.


Coaching Support ‘One Day a Week- Full Programme’

See attached above the Clayton Brook Sports Provision 2018-19.


Improvement of outdoor area to enable access all year round for children to be physically active.


Contribution to Swimming programme.


Renewing and replacing equipment.


Contingency for emergencies and travel to and from events.


Overall Sports Premium Spending: