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World Book Day 2022



 In English we create and follow reading to writing units based upon the Lancashire model.  We use Lancashire KLIPs to assess our children's reading and writing.

In the Reading part of the units, children become immersed in class texts and text types.  The texts that the children meet throughout their time in school will link to that half-term's unit.  During this phase the children are guided to spot What A Good One Looks Like (WAGOLL).  This will include the techniques that the author uses to make a successful story. 

In the Gathering Content phase of the unit, children have the opportunity to use their own imaginations and research to gather information to put into their own innovated versions of their story.

In the Writing part of the unit, children get to innovate their own writing based upon their model.  This may be a new story involving the same character, it may be a new chapter of a book, it may be a continuation of the story.  If the unit is a non-fiction unit, you may find children writing their own instructions, creating a non chronological report or even becoming journalists!  All of this writing allows our children to apply the skills and techniques that they have identified in the reading phase.