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Look at us learning


Our teddies and cuddly toys have loved being in school with us this week! We had a lovely day on Thursday when we visited the Community Café and had a Teddy Bear picnic! Some of us had lots of fun climbing the trees in Base Camp too! 

We have been enjoying eating and drinking this week, following instructions to make a cheese sandwich and picking our home grown strawberries for strawberry milkshake. In maths we have been finding out about odd and even numbers.

We have had fun in the sun: making daisy chains, buying souvenirs  from our shop, wearing flip flops and lots more! Year 6 even joined us for an afternoon. We know all about sun safety too! In Maths we have been doubling and investigating volume and capacity. 

We had such fun ballet dancing with Mrs Danyadi! We love playing in the Vet's and looking after the pets. In Maths we have been halving and sharing and investigating volume and capacity with Captain Capacity! We have also been creative at the craft table too!

What a busy week! We have got a Vet Clinic to help our new puppy, Poppy. Eric the dog even came to be looked after too! We have also been doubling numbers and investigating volume and capacity in Maths. We had to really concentrate to cut and stick different life cycles. We have been very crafty at the Creative table too!

Another busy week! Paddington had come to school and brought his new puppy for us to look after. We have called her Poppy. Paddington has also told us all about London. We have been playing the glockenspiels in music with Mrs Danyadi. We were very busy being crafty at the Creative table. 

We have been planting sunflower seeds this week! We have also been looking at how our faces show different emotions. In Maths we have been investigating teen numbers and comparing lengths with the hungry caterpillar!

This week we have been working together to build fantastic models! Some of the Year 6 children came to work with us in class! We also had lots of fun at our sports day too!

We have been learning a new dance with some of the Year 5 dancers! We have also had a busy time in our Garden Centre and lots of fun in the lovely warm weather!

We have been investigating what plants need to grow. We have done an experiment with cress to test what we know. We have also been looking for signs of Spring and painted some fantastic pictures. In Maths we have been measuring ourselves and comparing our heights to a beanstalk!

We all had a lovely Easter break and have come back to school as busy as ever! We love stories and can retell lots of our favourite ones. We have also been finding tricky words in books too! We have made models with our construction toys and recyclable materials, including bridges for the three Billy Goats Gruff! In the outdoor area we have been helping each other to overcome challenges. In Maths we have been investigating capacity.  

We have had lots of fun doing Easter activities! 

We were very excited about our class assembly. We talked about our favourite stories. We have all painted a picture of our favourites. We have also been making beds and chairs for the three bears. Some of us have been retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man too!

We really enjoyed our visit to the church this week! We learnt about things that churches have and looked for all the crosses. We acted out the story of Daniel in the Lions' Den. Back at school we drew pictures of the church and we have also made lion masks. 

We have loved Book Week this week and have been enjoying reading our favourite fairy tales. We have also been retelling and re-enacting different fairy tales too! On World Book Day we loved dressing up as our favourite characters. Marcus and Eleanor won a book for their outfits. We have also made a card for Mothers' Day! 

Another busy week starting with a lovely, relaxing yoga session with Tanya and Beth. We have been drawing writing about our new friend the Gingerbread Man. In Maths we have been investigating number bonds and making patterns. 

We all had a lovely half term break and Tommy made a fantastic book about his holiday! We have been painting some amazing pictures and making patterns! The children are becoming super readers and working very hard with their writing too! Congratulations to Bentley and Piper, who earned the Proud Cloud certificates for last half term. The children are ready for some warmer weather they even had an indoor picnic this week!

We have loved finding out the Chinese New Year celebrations! We made lanterns and did some Chinese writing. We learnt about the race the animals had too!

We have lots of fun in music doing the conga and playing different musical instruments! We also learnt how to play Dodgeball!

We have been writing sentences this week! We have also been looking at old toys! 

What a busy week! As well as a snow day we have been singing lullabies to the baby dolls in music with Mrs Danyadi. We have been ordering numbers and objects and investigating 2D shapes in Maths. We painted some super snowmen and made fantastic models with the recycled materials. We have also been writing letter shapes and words and naming capital letters. 

We had so much fun in the snow today! We worked together to build a big snowman called Frosty the Snowman! Then we warmed up inside with hot chocolate and toast! We love the snow!

We were all excited to come back to school after the Christmas holiday! We have been having a great time in the schoolroom being Mrs Martin or a teacher or a child in our own school. In Maths we have been investigating zero and 2D shapes! We have been looking for signs of Winter and used glitter to make frosty pictures. 

Christmas Day is nearly here! We are very excited! We have had a visit from an author, Helen Yates, who read a story. We made our own houses with biscuits and sweets and a little box to carry it home. On Thursday we had a delicious Christmas dinner and our Christmas party! Santa dropped off some presents for us all too! 

We have written letters to Santa this week. We have also made our own reindeer baubles to take home for our trees and Eleanor made a fantastic Christmas decoration at home too! We have also made our own reindeer dust for Christmas Eve! 

We have been decorating our classroom ready for Christmas!

Tommy made his own Supertato at home!

We were very excited when Eleanor brought Little Rabbit Foo Foo for us to watch! We have also been writing letter shapes and words. In the outdoor area we have been shopkeepers and customers. We didn't give up when we were on the obstacle course. In Maths we have been investigating patterns with Mrs Monks! 


Another busy week, dancing and singing and making music. We talked about our favourite nursery rhymes. We also worked hard as a team to sweep the leaves up and transport them. We made our own cheese sandwiches and followed the recipe carefully. With Mrs Monks we have been investigating 2D shapes and investigating 5 with Mrs Danyadi.

We had a very musical day on Monday, we danced with Beth in the morning and played the glockenspiels with Mrs Danyadi in the afternoon! We all loved making our own jam sandwiches for snack on Tuesday! We have also enjoyed lots of Nursery Rhymes in class. Year 1 shared their nursery rhyme books with us. The most popular nursery rhyme in our class is Three Blind Mice! 

Another busy week in Reception! We have loved our Room on the Broom activities, making potions and retelling the story. In Maths we have been finding different ways to make 5 and investigating 2D shapes. We were very relaxed when we did yoga with Mrs Danyadi.

We have had an exciting week celebrating Halloween at home and school! Lots of the children have been making some fantastic models and have been working together and showing great teamwork! We have also been learning about the next celebration Bonfire Night! Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!

Another busy week! We have been investigating 2D shapes and making patterns. We used Autumn colours to print and make hedgehogs and trees. We had fun dressing up in Golden Time! Some of us didn't give up when we were riding the pedal bicycles! 

We have been celebrating Oscar the Owl's birthday this week. Our grown ups came to read stories with us. We have been practising our cutting skills. We have also been enjoying actvities about The Gruffalo!

We have been enjoying outdoor activities this week!  

We have been using our good listening skills to help us retell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We made food with the playdough and we even found a real caterpillar in the garden. We have also been using our 'busy fingers' to complete a challenge and make patterns with the peg boards. Eleanor drew a super picture of Mr T and we made cards for his birthday and Marcus's too. We have been sorting and counting the bears. We also made our own leaf men when we looked for signs of Autumn. 

We have been learning basketball skills with Andy today!

We had lots of fun in music with Mrs Danyadi. We have also been building models, drawing, playing in the home corner, playdougn and sand and water. 

We have good sitting, good looking ,good listening and good thinking!

We have had a busy week! We have enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. We have all painted our self portraits!

We are settling into our new class! Today we had our dinner at school too!

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