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Look at us learning


Sports Week

We have had a fantastic week! We have done curling, cricket, tennis and football. We had lots of fun racing at our sports day. We have been doing lots of other physical activities throughout the week too!

We have been talking about healthy food. We sorted fruit and vegetables. We had a story called The Carrot Club which made us think about treating everyone fairly.

We have had another busy week in the Reception Class. We have been teachers and children in our role play school. We are being Healthy Heroes - thinking about healthy food and clean teeth!

We had a busy half term. We  especially enjoyed listening to stories and looking at books. We have been retelling stories. We have also been very creative and had lots of fun outside. We had a great time at our Halloween party.

This week we have been enjoying the Funnybones stories and labelling a human skeleton.

This week we have had lots of fun retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have been building and cutting and sticking to make houses. 

We are having lots of fun in the Reception Class. We have been doing lots of different activities and getting to know each other.