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Look at us learning


We have been learning about the Chinese and Lunar New Year celebrations. In Maths we have been making five and ten. In Literacy we have been writing sentences from the story of The Gingerbread Man. 

We have been keeping warm and keeping busy! We have been counting forwards and back from 0-10 and using ordinal numbers when we raced the cars. We have also been investigating shapes. We all loved the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have also been really interested in playing with toys from long ago. Mrs Valentine brought her Darling Dollies to show us. She used to play with them when she was a little girl. On Forest Friday we made binoculars to look at the birds. 

Another busy week! We have been creative in the classroom and doing our Yoga moves. Outside we have been making bird feeders, building dens and looking for bugs and worms. We also brought a favourite object to school for RE.

We have had a busy few days back at school. We have been looking for signs of winter and doing winter related activities. Outside we have been doing some yoga moves.

We have had lots of Christmas fun! We have made cards, decorations and calendars. Santa sent on of his cheeky elves, Tom Tom and we have been showing him how to be good and kind. We had a party and a delicious Christmas dinner too! 

We are getting very excited about Christmas. This week we have decorated the tree and the classroom. Even our dolls' house has a Christmas tree. Santa has sent one of his cheeky elves to spend some time with us. We are showing him how to be good and kind. Medea was the first one to find him so wore the elf hat. 

The Reception Class visited Clayton Brook Community Church. They saw the Advent wreath being lit and listened to the story of the birth of baby Jesus. Thank you to all the church members for welcoming us into the church.

Last week we had lots of fun being healthy superheroes. We enjoyed lots of Supertato stories and activities. As part of keeping healthy we have been practising cleaning our teeth.  We have also been learning all about the number 5. Outside we have been planting. 

It is World Nursery Rhyme Week this week! We have been performing our favourite rhymes. We have also been looking after Humpty Dumpty's friends - we had to carry the eggs carefully. We also investigated how to keep the eggs from breaking when they fell off the wall. With Mrs Monks we looked after Miss Polly's dolly and designed and made beds for the dolly.

We have been having fun in the outdoors. We have been working as a team. In music we have been playing instruments. We have remembered the soldiers who died in the war and people we know.

Happy Halloween and Happy Bonfire Night!

We have been reading Room on the Broom and making potions! We have made firework pictures! 

Wow what a busy week in our class this week! We have been relaxing during meditation, lots of counting and recognising numerals, making models with the recyclable materials, celebrating Mr T's birthday, leaf rubbings with Nevaeh, tasting fruit with Jo from Asda, being the teacher and pupils in our new school room, printing skeleton pictures and celebrating Diwali! We are all ready for our holiday!

Another busy week making jam sandwiches, looking at patterns, counting and painting and writing. We had a busy time outside on Forest Friday too, have a look at us on the photographs below!

Today is World Mental Health Day - the children have been enjoying dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. Then they did some meditation. 

We have been busy outside, building dens, finding worms, picking apples and lots more. Then we came inside and apple smoothies.

Another busy week! We have been building towers and bridges! We have been using our hands and fingers to complete the challenge and do handwriting patterns. In Maths we have been sorting objects and finding the odd one out! We have done footprints and used our hands to mix colours!

We made invitations for our grown ups. They came to our classroom to read stories with us. 

This week it has been Oscar the Owl's birthday. Oscar helps us to stop and make the right choice. We love the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and can retell the story. We have also been busy counting and making fantastic pictures in the creative area.

Another busy week settling into nursery and reception. We have been making cakes in the playdough, making patterns, making music, making models and having fun on the slide and in the water! Alfie has also been cleaning the classroom!

We have had a busy first week in school. We have been enjoying getting to know each other and playing together.