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Look at us learning


We are finding out about old and new things. We have played with old and new toys and sorted vehicles.

This week we have been retelling the story of The Gingerbread Man and making our own gingerbread men. We have, also been counting objects to match a numeral and thinking about zero!

Happy New Year

from the Reception Class!

The Reception Class children are happy to be back at school!

We have been looking for signs of winter and making snowmen in the playdough. We are hoping we will be able to play with real snow soon! 

We have made our own ice in containers and put the containers in different places. One was on the radiator, one outside and two on a shelf one that was a lot smaller. Lots of children predicted which one would melt first.  Some children could talk about why the ice in the small container melted before the ice in the larger container.

We have also been learning about animals that live where there is lots of snow and ice on the North and South Pole. 

Merry Christmas from the Reception Class!

We have started to get the classroom ready for Christmas. Ben the Elf came to see us and brought his friend the Gingerbread Man. He asked us to show how to be kind and helpful. Rosie made super gingerbread family.

We have been very busy reading and writing. In Maths we have been playing number and counting games  and one more and one less. In our Fruit and Vegetable shop we wrote shopping lists and used our Maths skills to add prices and count coins. We have also been very busy in the Emergency Call Centre. The firefighters had lots of fires to put out. We are continuing to be Healthy Superheroes and choosing healthy lunches. 

We have had busy week investigating shapes. We celebrated Diwali with Sriindira. 

We brought our Treasure Boxes to school filled with our favourite things!

Halloween Fun!

We have been thinking about Little Amal this week and how we would welcome her into our class. We painted some pictures of her.

We have enjoyed reading The Three Little Pigs. We have drawn and  made houses. We celebrated Sam the Koala's birthday. We have have also been busy practising writing our letters and recognising numbers.

We have been retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and celebrated Mr T's birthday.

Another busy week in the Reception Class! We have been learning to ride bikes this week too with Ollie and Laura.

We have been busy outside this week!

Our First Day