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Curriculum Information

Welcome to Clayton Brook Primary School  Design and Technology Curriculum page, we hope that you find some useful information  and what to expect from D&T being taught at Clayton Brook.

Our D&T Team is Mrs Monks (Subject Lead) and Mrs Danyardi supported by D&T Subject Ambassador, Callum (Year 5). 

Our D and T vision is to creatively design and make products that solve real and relevant problems.

Vision and principles for Design and Technology at Clayton Brook Primary School.

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Overview - Long Term Plan 

 D&T Topic and Unit Overview 2021-22.pdfDownload
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Help your child discover ....  These websites give ideas for designing and food technology at home. 

Why not try a DT activity at home?

Below are some activities you could try at home.  Please email your products to 

Spring 1 Home Challenge (click on the link)

Autumn 1- 2021

Year 4 - Electrical Systems -Torches

The children explored different electrical devices and made their own circuit.  Before they designed a torch they looked at the different features such as, housing, reflector, circuit and switch.  This week I interviewed a group of children from Year 4 and they were very enthusiastic and keen to talk about their design and torch.  I was impressed with the amount of knowledge they have about electrical systems and the use of vocabulary linked to circuits and torch designs.  Photos coming soon....

Year 5 -Mechanical Systems -Pop Up Books

The children in Year 5 were keen to read their pop up books.  The books included captions, incorporating a range of mechanisms and decorative features including structures, levers, sliders, layers and spacers.  What a great range of skill from Year 5. Photos coming soon .....

Autumn 2

 Year 3 - Eating Seasonally

The children have been learning about various fruits and vegetables, and when , where and why they grown in different seasons.  Photos coming soon.....

Spring 1 -2022

Celebration of Learning

Myself, Mrs Danyardi and Callum (DT ambassador) met with Year 1, 2 and 5 to discuss their DT work, all the work was at a high standard and showed clear progression of skills and knowledge. 

Year 1 - Structures 

Year 1 children have  designed, decorated and built a castle, developing an understanding of different types of castles, how they work and their key features.

Year 2 - Mechanisms

Year 2 children have designed, made and evaluated a monster that moved using a linkage mechanism. 

Year 5- Food and Nutrition 

The children focused on nutrition,  researched  and modified a traditional bolognese sauce recipe to make it healthier. They cooked their new and improved versions,  and also learned about the ethical considerations of farming cattle.

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Spring Term 2  

 This half term it has been a pleasure sharing our Design Technology journey.  We have enjoyed 'Learning Walks' to look at different stages of design, make and evaluate.  All the children have been keen to share and talk about their learning. Well done to all year groups!  We now look forward to meeting the children and discussing their products. 

Year 1 - Food and Nutrition

The children created their very own smoothie. They handled and explored fruits and vegetables and learned how to identify which category they fall into. They undertook before taste testing to establish their chosen ingredients for their smoothie and then they made and designed packaging for their smoothie.

Year 2 - Structures

Using the story Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter as inspiration the children helped Mr McGregor build a brand new chair. When designing the chair they considered his needs and what he like and explored ways of building it so that it was a strong and stable structure. 

Year 3 - Mechanical systems

The boys and girls designed and created a toy with a pneumatic system. They learned how trapped compressed air can be used to create a product with moving parts. This design and build stage helped them to explore the technology and improve their understanding and design knowledge. They were introduced to technical terms and based their designs using the format of thumbnail sketches and exploded diagrams.

Year 4 - Textiles 

Year 4 identified  and evaluated different types of fastenings on items of clothing and this helped to design a book sleeve. They learned to adapt a variety of fastening such as: buttons, tuggles, zips, press studs and velcro.

Year 6 - Electronics The children designed and developed a steady hand game using a series circuit, which  included house and backboard.

 Structures -The class researched  existing playground equipment and their different forms, before they designed and developed a range of apparatus to meet a list of specified design criteria.