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Curriculum Information

Welcome to Clayton Brook Primary School  Design and Technology Curriculum page, we hope that you find some useful information  and what to expect from D&T being taught at Clayton Brook.

Our D&T Team is Mrs Monks (Subject Lead) and Mrs Danyardi supported by D&T Subject Ambassador, Callum (Year 5). 

Our D and T vision is to creatively design and make products that solve real and relevant problems.

Vision and principles for Design and Technology at Clayton Brook Primary School.

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Overview - Long Term Plan 

 D&T Topic and Unit Overview 2021-22.pdfDownload
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Autumn 2022

Celebration of Learning at home.....

Well done to Jessica (Year 6).  After making a waistcoat in Year 5, she set herself a summer holiday challenge to make a waistcoat for her cuddly toy at home.  

Thank you Harry (Year 3) for picking blackberries for our seasonal crumble. 
Thank you to Lena and Isla (Year3) for sharing with us their grow your own adventure at home. 

DT around school....


There will be lots of DT learning this term and the DT Subject Team are looking to meet the children to discuss their learning in the coming weeks.


Children have access to a variety of resources during Continuous Provision that helps to develop and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding when designing and making within their play.  

Construction Area - Children have access to a variety of construction kits where they can build, join, stack, balance, and adapt their own constructions.

Craft Area -children have the opportunity to use a variety of tools and techniques and processes and select and combine using a variety of materials.

Busy  Fingers -The children use tools and techniques used for Design and Technology Such as scissors, punches, threading, sewing, hammering to develop those most important fine motor skills.

Large Outdoor Construction -Outside the children have access to a wide variety of large scale resources such as crates, planks, tyres and drain pipes giving them an opportunity to design, make, adapt, problem solve, modify and put structures to the test together alongside their peers.

Year 1

MECHANISMS - Moving Story Books 

Making a moving story book will teach pupils through D&T to draw the page backgrounds, make the moving parts and assemble it.  Photos coming soon ....

Year 2 

TEXTILES - Puppets and Pouches

Children explore different ways of joining fabrics before creating their own hand puppets and pouches.  Throughout they will work to develop their technical skills of cutting, gluing, stapling and pinning.


Brilliant Beginnings - Katie Morag Peg Puppet; using different joining techniques.

Year 3 

FOOD - Eating Seasonally

The children are learning about various fruits and vegetables, and when , where and why they grown in different seasons.  Photos coming soon.....

Brilliant Beginnings - Planting Seasonal Vegetables 

Seasonal Crumble 

Year 4

Electrical Systems - Torches 

The children will explore different electrical devices and made their own circuit.  Before they design a torch they will  look at the different features such as, housing, reflector, circuit and switch.  Photos coming soon....

Year 5 

Mechanical Systems - Pop up Books

 The books  will include captions, incorporating a range of mechanisms and decorative features including structures, levers, sliders, layers and spacers.

Year 6 


Food - Come Dine with Me


Year 6 will prepare a three course meal.