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Look at us learning

What are we doing in class?

During the year you will be able to see what we are doing in class,as well as what children do independently at home.

Wow, we have been very busy this week! We have been learning all about Little Amal and her journey from Syria to Manchester, in order to try and find her mum. We have done lots of different activities relating to having to leave your home quickly, as well as thinking about how a nine year old little girl would feel if her life was completely turned upside down.

We have written letters to little Amal, we also made our own envelopes, inviting her to our school and community, we drew a portrait of her (which you can see in the Art gallery and we also acted out what it would be like if we had to leave our home quickly. In that session we had to choose what we would take with us, that we thought was special. Some children found that quite difficult; play station or tent?

 Below you can see pictures of the giant cookie we made, just in case Little Amal does come to visit us, the children loved eating it too.

This week has also seen the children looking in detail  at a leaf and their skin, using a high definition microscope that Mrs Johnson brought in. The children could actually see eggs that had been laid on the underside of the leaf. See the pictures below

On Tuesday we also had a yoga session. The children really enjoyed it and felt very calm afterwards. Why not get them to show you what they did!

After learning how to make an envelope in class, Lena went home and made one herself so that she could put her letter in it. Well done Lena