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Look at us learning

What are we doing in class?

During the year you will be able to see what we are doing in class, as well as what children do independently at home.

Congratulations - to Isla Mae Ward who took part in a gymnastics competition over the holidays and won three firsts for her work on the bars, floor and vault. Well done Isla. 

Welcome back after the half term break.

PE this half term will be on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. With the weather being lovely at the moment, please make sure your child has sun cream on when they come to school and also bring a hat and water bottle to school too.


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Martin Mere trip

Today we had an amazing day visiting the wetlands centre at Martin Mere , thankfully the sun came out too.

The children got to meet Ava from Ava's destiny, as well as have their picture taken with her. During the activities they had to help Ava in order for her to find her parents who had migrated south. 

We also had time to make badges, visit the playground and spend our money in the shop. 

Have a look at the pictures below to see some of the wonderful birds we saw today and us enjoying the sun. 

Ava's Destiny 

Over the last few weeks the children have been completing tasks linked to nature; such as making a nest out of Lego, hugging a tree, dancing in the rain and making their own pair of binoculars.

We now have 6 children who have completed enough activities to be awarded Guardian of the Wild titles. Congratulations to all of you; Oskar, Amelia, Lena, Maja, EK and Tamela. Remember, you can still become a guardian by continuing to complete some of the tasks. Remember to log on and collect your badges. Good Luck!

DT - Exploring pneumatics 

Last week was Science Week and we looked at how solids, liquids and gases are made. We decided to make honeycomb to link this lesson to our Science lessons about different rocks. Honeycomb has the same air bubbles as Igneous rock which is found after a volcano has erupted. Why not have a go at making it at home !

Thank you to all parents and guardians who spent lots of time and money dressing the children up for World Book Day. They were all amazing ! Congratulations to the two girls who won .

DT- Castles (Structures) 

Year 3 Boys and girls are ready to make their castles.   We have designed castles on paper and on the computer we have also made 3D nets.  Thank you very much for all your recycling contributions, I am sure these castles will be excellent .

Castles - Junk Modelling 


The children have identified  and learned about the key features of a castle, before designing and making a recycled-material castle (structure).

Fantastic Finish 

Today ,Year 3 children enjoyed a virtual meeting with a group of tour guides at Stonehenge.  Over the last few weeks we have learnt lots about Stonehenge so this discussion secured our “Sticky Knowledge” and hopefully one day you will be able to visit in person.

Sculpture-Clay Pots


Year  3  have been making clay pots that require different sculpture techniques.  Our incredible artistic skills are definitely in place in our clay learning!

Art - clay sculpture 

Today we enjoyed using clay to recreate this ancient monument, Stonehenge. 

Art - paper sculpture 

The children have made a fantastic 3d paper model of Stonehenge. 

Art -Biscuit-henge AKA Stonehenge

We have been learning about Stonehenge. We used biscuits to make models focussing on the formation and position of the rocks.

Well done to these two very busy young ladies. Both Harper and Amelia have been working hard on their math at home. Harper has learnt how to find fractions of amounts and Amelia has been practicing her long multiplication skills. Keep working hard girls.

Following on from Parents evening, here are a couple of websites that we use in class. They are all free and do not require login details other than the ones your child has been given from school.

Hit the button (Maths for all levels)

Maths games - 

TTRS (Maths) Login details from class teacher

Wordwall ( English , lots of grammar games) 

English games -

Last week we were lucky enough to learn how to survive outdoors with Dan. We also worked as a team with some of Year 6

Congratulations to Noah and Harper for being elected Y3 Sports council. Also congratulations to Maja and Archie for being elected School Council for Y3.

In English this half term we have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox, by Roald Dahl, we acted out parts of the story in drama. Harper also brought in her own picture of a fox spotted in her grandparents garden.

When Queen Elizabeth passed away, Year 3 were keen to send King Charles their best wishes and explained in their cards how sorry they felt for him and his family. 

In geography we have been looking at how Clayton Brook has changed over the years and what it was like when it was built in 1970.  Feel free to chat to your cildren about what it was like when you moved here or when you were growing up. 

During our latest visit to the library we collected lots of litter on the way, here is Kodi with the bagful. Well done to those children who still collect litter when out with their adults. It all keeps our community looking good.

Last week we really enjoyed learning to play Tag rugby with Andy the coach.

Here is some super art work in the style of Claes Oldenburg that Lena did at home over the weekend, after learning about his sculptures in Art. Well done Lena 

Here is Oskar with his application form to be the History Ambassador. Watch out for Maja's art work which she completed in hope of being Art ambassador.

ASDA Trip 

Year 3 visited Clayton Green Asda store to look at the fresh fruit and vegetables. We carried a Scavenger Hunt to look at where the fruit and vegetables originated from, example are they grown in the UK or overseas. The children had an informative question and answer session with Jo (Community Link officer) and Ian (Fresh Produce Manager).

Tropical Fruit Skewers 

ASDA kindly donated the ingredients for our skewers and the children made their own tropical fruit skewers on our return to school and they were yummy.

Joyeux Noel (Happy Christmas)