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Look at us learning

What are we doing in class?

During the year you will be able to see what we are doing in class, as well as what children do independently at home.

Have  a look below at some of the lessons we have been doing over the last few weeks, including the laying of the wreath for Remembrance Day. In Science we created bar graphs from the results of our investigation and Jamie showed us some of his art work that he had done at home.

We have also enjoyed learning how to ride our scooters safely last week. On Friday we visited the library and completed a litter pick on the way back to school. Year 3 say "Take your litter home - don't be a litter bug!"

On Monday, we took part in a Dance Workshop - it was great fun!

In English, we have been retelling fables to help us to understand them.

Jamie and Davis have been working hard with their Arithmetic skills. Well done.

Today, we went to visit the library to choose some books. On the way back we thought we would help our community by doing a litter pick. Mrs. Dwyer's team won . Well done all of Year 3 you worked hard to help keep your community clean

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some amazing pictures from our trip to the farm today.

This week we have made apple crumble using the apples off the trees in the school grounds. I think they enjoyed it by the look on their faces, especially with the ice cream and custard. We have some super chefs in the form of Oscar and Karol.

We had lots of fun last week making fruit skewers using fruit that can be grown in Asia. This week we are looking at using fruit that is grown in this country and making an apple crumble. The apples are actually from the apple tree in the school grounds. Look out for pictures to come soon.

Here are a couple of websites that we use in class. They are all free and do not require login details other than the ones your child has been given from school.

Hit the button (Maths for all levels)

Maths games - 

TTRS (Maths) Login details from class teacher

Wordwall ( English , lots of grammar games) 

English games -

Today we had a lot of fun learning basketball skills with Andy , in the rain !!!!

In English, we have been acting out a conversation between two characters to help us when writing.

In Music, we have started to learn a new song.  Have a listen.

We have added instruments to our performance.

In History, we have been comparing maps of Clayton Brook to look at the changes over time.

Mrs Gilmour came to talk to us about how Clayton Brook has changed.  She has lived here for more than 40 years!

Today we have had a lovely day at Cobble Hey Farm. We petted some animals and cooked our own lunch. Have a look at your amazing children having fun.