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Look at us learning

What are we doing in class?

During the year you will be able to see what we are doing in class. 

Sports week .

We have had an amazing week trying new sports and learning new skills. On Monday we were taught how to play curling. Curling is a para Olympic sport and Khaleel clearly explained the different ways it can be played; either using a wheelchair or kneeling on the floor and pushing the stone. On Tuesday we had our own 'Euros football competition' and in Year 3 Spain were the winners, Well done Spain. On Wednesday we were athletes doing a variety of activities from running to speed bounces, luckily the rain held off too. Thursday was when we learnt how to play cricket, all of the children thoroughly enjoyed playing indoor cricket; I definitely think it is a game we will be playing during break times. Wimbledon came early on Friday and we were taught some more tennis skills from the coach. We have had a really good week and all children definitely showed good skills in the different events.

In Science we have been investigating how shadows are made. We spent time outside in the sunshine and created funny shadows.

During last half term we were really busy, both inside and outside the classroom 

Have a look at the photos below. 

Keep coming back to see what we are doing,  

Before Easter we made a massive cookie made out of loads of chocolate, because we had been working really hard in class.