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Look at us learning



This term our topic is 'Growth and Green Fingers'. We have been enjoying reading and retelling the story of The Enormous Turnip.

Geography -Fieldwork 

The children have been exploring the UK countries and capitals.  Next week we will meet Barnaby Bear who enjoys travelling around the UK. 

Messy Maps - Map of the classroom.

Messy Maps - Map of the playground.

We devise a simple map of the playground and used directional language ( near, next to, left and right).

DT - Gardening 

We planted garlic and spring bulbs ready for next year. 


We all had a fantastic time at our Christmas party and Christmas dinner.


In art we have been studying the work of Modigliani. We have recreated his famous portrait 'Jeanne'.


We enjoy using the iPads in our computing lessons. We have learnt what an algorithm is and have been using them in our programming lessons.


We have been retelling our innovated stories based on our class book, 'Lost and Found' in preparation for writing our new stories.


In history we have been sorting toys in to old and new. We looked at what they were made of and how they worked.

Letters and sounds

In letters and sounds we have been using our new sounds in sentences.

Outdoor Education - There’s No ‘I’ In Team 


We have enjoyed learning about the different senses.  We used our senses to touch, hear, smell, see and taste a variety of objects.


We enjoyed moving to the pulse, in our warm-up game.


We enjoyed learning a new dance on Monday with the coach.


We have been looking at a range of non-chronological reports in preparation for writing our own. The children found lots of interesting facts during their research, including that a shark can have 300 teeth!


We created algorithms for building a Lego tower. We then worked in groups to test and debug our algorithms.


We have been learning and performing traditional rhymes!


We enjoyed a toy museum as part of our history lessons. We looked at the differences between old and new toys, some of the toys were 100 years old!


The children have been fully immersed in the story of The Gingerbread Man. Here they were retelling the story using drama and props before preparing to plan and write their own versions of the story.


We have been working hard in P.E. this week.


We have been exploring numbers to 10, including 0.

Design and Technology 

We have been exploring mechanisms ready to make a moving book. 



We have been looking at the local area and where we live. 

We have been learning about hot countries around the world. 

We have been locating the North and South Pole and the Equator.

Our first week in Year 1 

This week we have been exploring our new classroom.