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Here you will find everything to do with Science in our school.


Super news; We have been awarded the Primary Quality Mark in Science.

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Here are some websites that you and your children might like to go on to explore science and have fun too.

Have fun and why not send pictures of you doing these experiments in to me at 

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In Year 3 We have been looking at a variety of rocks and naming them from what they look like. We have also been looking at fossils and in Art we have tried to draw them from observations.

In Year 6 they have been looking what is in our blood and what the different parts do. The display in school looks brilliant and when the children came into Year 3 they were able to discuss what they had done in the lesson.  

In Spring 2, Year 1 have learnt all about plants.  We know that there are garden plants and wild plants.  We also know that there are two types of trees- deciduous and evergreen.  We planted cress seeds and watched them grow.  For our fabulous finish, we went on a walk to Cuerden Valley Park.  We spotted the different types of plants and trees.