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Look at us learning


We used chalk pastels to create firework pictures. First, we chose two colours to create a repeating pattern. Then, we covered the pattern with black. Finally, we scratched firework shapes into the chalk pastel.


We have been using manipulatives to support us with addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers.


We have enjoyed our gymnastics unit in our PE lessons.


As part of our animation unit, we have made our own flip books!


This term we have been investigating the place value of 2 digit numbers using practical resources.


We enjoyed showing our grown-ups everything that we have learnt about the Gunpowder Plot and making Guy Fawkes with them.


We have been learning how to tie our shoe laces!


We enjoyed our basketball session with Andy. The children quickly picked up the skill of moving with the ball.


Dance Workshop with Beth.

20th Century Playground Games; Toilet Tig, Duck,Duck,Goose and Piggy in the Middle.



Human and physical features of our local area.

 A map and key of the Isle of Struay.

A Map of the Isle of Struay. 


Living, dead and never alive scavenger hunt.

Life Cycles

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Stranded on a desert island- What do we need to survive ?


Religious Education 

Christianity -God.  Does how we treat the world matter?

The Creation Story

After listening to All Things Bright and Beautiful we identified the beliefs and values contained in these words.


The children enjoyed making Barfi sweets for our Diwali celebration.  Also we thought of some interesting questions so we could ask Sriindira during the Hot Seat session.  

On Thursday the church wardens from Clayton Brook Community Church visited Year 2 and we made a Christingle and talked about the symbolism of the special candle.    Thank you to Jo (Asda's Community Champion) for donating the Christingle packs. 


Brilliant Beginning - make a structure; a lighthouse for the Isle of Struay

Exploring stability in readiness to make a structure.

Exploring strength of a structure.

We made a pier for Isle of Struay.  Katie Morag will be very pleased, Well Done Year 2. 

Forest School Afternoon