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Look at us learning




This half term, we are learning all about Beatrix Potter. We have read The Tale of Peter Rabbit and we will soon be writing our own tale. This children have explored the story and they have even met Peter Rabbit himself. They wrote lots of questions and asked them to Peter Rabbit.



In Maths, we have been learning how to measure. We have measured lots of items using metre stick and using cm centimetres rulers. We have been in the hall and organised equipment based on whether it was less than a metre, about a metre or more than a a metre. We then had the challenge to organise ourselves in height order.



This half term we will be practising  ball skills which include bouncing, dribbling, throwing and catching. 

Paralympic Day



 In computing, we are learning all about emails. Here we are logging in for the very first time.


Brilliant Beginning - Construction Kit Afternoon 

Year 2 had the opportunity to play with a range of construction kits to build a chair focusing on the different features.  

Using a scientific approach, the children have tested the stability of 3D shapes that they have moulded themselves. 

Investigating strength. 

We have started to build Mr McGregor’s chair.


This term our topic is Island Life. We will be learning all about the UK and events that have happened in the UK overtime.




We have been reading Katie Morag Delivers the Mail. We have asked Katie lots of questions and everyone has shown great inference skills. We can now re tell the story and sequence the main event. We are currently innovating our own story. How exciting!!

We have been writing non-chronological reports all about the Isle of Coll (Scotland) and Clayton Brook. The children have been exploring the features of non-chronological reports and applied these to their own all about our local area. We went out exploring the local area and drew some maps to help us with our writing.

We are starting to read The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark. Here is a video for the children to watch at home.


The children have re-told a chapter using Stop Motion.


We have also written lots of instruction. See below what we have been making.



In maths, we have been exploring numbers up to 100. We are able to stay how many tens and ones each number has as well as ordering number from smallest to biggest and vice versa. We are able to find 2 more and 2 less; 10 more and 10 less and 3 more and 3 less.


We have used lots of manipulatives to help us including: numbers line (and a GIANT one in the hall), base ten, Numicon, hundred squares and lots more.


We have also been adding up to 2 digits by 2 digits using concrete, pictorial and abstract. The children have been learning how to do a column method for addition using their resources to help them.



In science, we have been learning about animal and human survival. We have learning what we need to survive and how different animals require different diets. We have learnt about lifecycles, offspring and whether something is dead, alive or never alive.


We have also explored questions like: 'Is a flame alive?' 'Is a deciduous tree dead in the winner?' 'Is a seed alive?@


What a great day we had. Here are the children in action.

Clayton Green Library


We have been very lucky. We have been to the local library, listened to stories and read lots too. We even got to use our library cards and take some books home.

Growth Mindset


We have learnt lots about our growth mindset and how we can react differently to challenges. We have built different towers, draw butterflies, used the power of yet and listened to stories where characters have a fixed mindset.

Whole School Athletics Day



In PE we are doing orienteering with Mrs Monks and gymnastics with Miss Mellon. We are learning how to work well as a team through different activities including following maps.  In Gymnastics, we are learning difference sequences with jumps and rolls.

Whole School Rugby Day

Whole School Dance Day



In Art, we are looking at landscaping and how to build up a picture using lots of different mark making skills.



We have been learning all about the United Kingdom and our local area of Clayton Brook. We have been understanding how and what information maps give us. As well as learning about different types of maps. We have been out lots in the local area: drawing maps and completing some field work.



Our computing unit this half term is iAnimate. Our first lesson was an unplugged lesson where we explored where we have seen animation before. We then made our own flipbooks. We have learnt all about stop motion. We have created our own setting and characters to create our own mini movie.

Fire Safety


This week, we have had a visit from the fire brigade. They taught us all about fire safety at home and what to do in the event of a fire. We acted out what we would do to show that we understood how to keep ourselves safe in the event of a fire.

Design Technology


We are exploring textiles in DT. We have been looking at different ways to attached two pieces of material together.



In history we are learning all about the Gun Powder Plot. This children have been learning key facts about the event and they have been plotting the order of events.

Our grown-ups came in and helped us learning all about 'Penny for the Guy' and they helped us make our own.



In PSHE, we have been looking at keeping ourselves safe by learning to tie our shoe laces.

We have also started to learn about the importance of brushing our teeth. We have created posters for us to take home to remind us to brush our teeth twice a day.


We have been learning about Christianity in RE.