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Look at us learning


This term our topic is Island Life. We will be learning all about the UK and events that have happened in the UK overtime.




We have been reading Katie Morag Delivers the Mail. We have asked Katie lots of questions and everyone has shown great inference skills. We can now re tell the story and sequence the main event. We are currently innovating our own story. How exciting!!



In maths, we have been exploring numbers up to 100. We are able to stay how many tens and ones each number has as well as ordering number from smallest to biggest and vice versa. We are able to find 2 more and 2 less; 10 more and 10 less and 3 more and 3 less.


We have used lots of manipulatives to help us including: numbers line (and a GIANT one in the hall), base ten, Numicon, hundred squares and lots more.

Growth Mindset


We have learnt lots about our growth mindset and how we can react differently to challenges. We have built different towers, draw butterflies, used the power of yet and listened to stories where characters have a fixed mindset.



In PE we are doing orienteering with Mrs Monks and gymnastics with Miss Mellon. We are learning how to work well as a team through different activities including following maps.  In Gymnastics, we are learning difference sequences with jumps and rolls.



Our computing unit this half term is iAnimate. Our first lesson was an unplugged lesson where we explored where we have seen animation before. We then made our own flipbooks.

Fire Safety


This week, we have had a visit from the fire brigade. They taught us all about fire safety at home and what to do in the event of a fire. We acted out what we would do to show that we understood how to keep ourselves safe in the event of a fire.

Design Technology


We are exploring textiles in DT. We have been looking at different ways to attached two pieces of material together.



In history we are learning all about the Gun Powder Plot. This children have been learning key facts about the event and they have been plotting the order of events.