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Look at us learning

On this page you will find the exciting experiences we have had so far this year.


Autumn 2


During our science lessons we investigated how  some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and described how to recover a substance from a solution. We used our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating. We then demonstrated that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible changes. We learnt that, changes can occur when different materials are mixed and some material changes can be reversed and some cannot.

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The children followed a design brief to make a pop up book, neatly, with focus on accuracy during Autumn 1. They made mechanisms and structures using sliders, pivots and folds to produce movement for the pages in their book. The children included  layers and spacers to hide the workings of mechanical parts for an aesthetically pleasing result. During our Christmas Week the children read their books to Year 1 who loved them and enjoyed listening to the story. 

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During our computing lessons we used iDraw to introduce children to graphical drawing using digital tools. They  explored how images are constructed from shapes and use a variety of geometric shapes, lines, colours, effects and layering to create graphic images. 
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During our music lessons we used the song, "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi to discuss our knowledge of instruments they used and  learn all about the rhythm, pulse and tempo. We then learnt and performed the song during our TTRockstar Day, we looked really cool!

During our P:E lessons we used the song to perform a warm-up dance. 

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During our dance lessons we developed control, coordination, balance, poise and elevation in the basic actions of travelling, jumping, turning, gesture and stillness through a series of warm ups, games and routines. We performed movements and patterns, including some from existing dance traditions through paired and group work which included balanced freeze frames. The children enjoyed exploring moods and feelings to develop their response to music through dances, by using rhythmic responses and contrasts of speed, shape, direction and travel

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During our history lessons we learnt all about the Anglo Saxons. We found out who they were and where they came from. We enjoyed learning all about village life and we even made Anglo- Saxon houses for homework and created a village!

Following learning about how the Anglo-Saxons ruled, we used our drawing skills to draw Anglo-Saxon kings and the Bayeux Tapestry which tells the story of the Battle of Hastings in 1066

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Autumn 1


Through our English lessons, this half-term we have explored the thoughts, feelings and actions of characters using drama techniques such as freeze framing, thought tracking (in role as characters, children speaking their thoughts aloud), role play and conscience alley. The children examined incidents from the viewpoint of different characters within the story, 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret'. They linked them to short writing opportunities – diary entries, internal monologues and letters. In the following weeks, the children completed their own action scenes and stories based around an invention that went wrong. 



During our Maths lessons we have been using concrete materials such as place value discs, place value charts, number cards and cubes to help us understand a range of mathematical concepts . 


As you can see we have really enjoyed our outdoor activities this half-term, especially the running track! We have also enjoyed: yoga, den building and trust games. 


During our history lessons we learnt all about an ancient civilisation in Mesopotamia? What does civilisation mean? We learnt to write using the ancient  cuneiform writing system  and questioned why is it was so important. We really enjoyed learning all about Baghdad,, during the Golden Age,  and the most amazing inventors of its time. 

Art and Design

This this half-term,  the children have developed their understanding of the human form. By extensive drawing , their understanding of human proportions have been developed and then challenged  by creating a 3-D form in sculpture. We explored both historical and contemporary artists such as Alberto Giacometti and Patricia Coates,  who inspired and guided the  children from the initial drawing and investigating stages to developing their sculptures. The children  also developed their understanding of how to use a journal as an investigative tool.

During our Little Amal week the children used their knowledge of sculptures, the human form, and action to produce individual sculptures and a life size sculpture of Little Amal. These sculptures were then celebrated and displayed in our end of term, whole school Art Gallery!