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Meet our Art and Design Ambassador, Layton Wallace !

Layton is creative and passionate about art and design, he makes a valuable contribution to the art curriculum and opportunities in art offered here at Clayton Brook Primary School. 

Layton has already begun his duties as Art and Design Ambassador, by gathering feedback about the art curriculum and ideas for developing the art provision from this half-term's learning walk. Both Miss Liles and Layton were  extremely impressed with the quality of art work they observed in sketch books and displays. 

Additional duties will include:

  • Organising and managing the schools Artsmark Award, coming soon.
  • Assisting Miss Liles with organising and installing  art exhibitions. 
  • Attending regular Arts Council meetings that will be held during school hours. 
  • Assisting Miss Liles with further learning walks,  lesson observations and feedback. 
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Here are some of our showcase pieces of art, from our, ' Little Amal week'. More artwork coming soon...


Here are some websites that you and your children might like to explore and have fun too.

You can also email in, your fabulous creations, to me at