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Spring 1

After School Clubs

Monday: Year 5 and 6 Fencing

Thursday: Year 3 and 4 Dance

Friday: Year 1 and 2 Multisports

Here are some of the children in action during the fencing after school club.

Here are some of the year 2 children in action multiskills competition.

Autumn 2

Paralympic Day

After School Clubs


Thursday: Year 1 and 2 - Ballet

                   Year 5 and 6 - Rugby

Friday: Year 3 and 4 - Cheerleading

Sports Council


Our sports council meet twice each half term to discussion everything PE related. From lessons, to after school clubs to lunch times. They speak to their class regarding PE matters and then feed back to the rest of the sports council.

Play leaders


This half term, the play leaders will begin running their session in the cage at lunch times.


Here they are looking fantastic in their new uniform.

Autumn 1

After School Clubs

Monday: Year 3 and 4 - Fun Fitness

Thursday: Year 1 and 2 -Wheels Club

                   Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 - Street Dance

Friday: Year 5 and 6 - Target Club

Whole School Rugby Day

 Monday 4th October was whole school rugby day. The children got to experience tag rugby. They absolutely loved it - especially scoring a tri. They learnt how to run with the ball; how to pass; how to tag and how to score a tri. Here are some action shots.

Rugby Tournament

Some children, who have been working on their rugby skills with Mr Farina, went to Lostock Hall to compete against other primary schools in a rugby tournament. The progress that the team made during and after each game was fantastic. The children loved it. Because of this, next half term, we will be running a rugby after school club.

Play Leaders

The play leaders have done some training to prepare them to lead in Autumn 2. They discussed what makes a good leader inside and outside of school. They reflected on why they want to be a leader and what skills they need to be successful. In groups, they wrote sessions plans and then put these session plans into action with the year 2 children.

Whole School Yoga Day

During Little Amal week, we had a special visitor come in and teach the children from reception to year 6 some yoga techniques. It's been lovely to see the children using their new breather techniques in and out of class.