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We got GOLD!

Year 3 enjoyed their Yoga session on Monday 26th February that focused on kindness.

Year 3 enjoyed their Dodgeball session on Monday 29th January.

On Monday, the whole school took part in a Dance Workshop - it was great fun!

Above are Year 3.

Summer 2

After School Clubs

Monday - Pasta Project - Year 1 and 2

Friday: Athletics - Years 3,4, 5 and 6



Up and Coming Events: 

12th June - Whole School Tennis Day

13th June _ Netball

Whole School Tennis Day

Our Netball Team

Summer 1

After School Clubs

 Wednesday - Move and Grove - Year 1 and 2

Friday: Cricket - Years 3,4, 5 and 6



Up and Coming Events: 

24th April - Whole School Football Day

25th April - Tennis Festival - Year 3 and 4

Whole School Yoga Day


We all felt totally relaxed after our yoga session - even the staff!



Years 2, 3 and4 have Katie every Monday this half term for yoga.

Whole School Football Day

Tennis Festival @ the Tennis Centre

Spring 2

After School Clubs


Friday: Football - Year 1 and 2


Up and Coming Events: 

6th March - Whole School Yoga Day

28th March - Inclusion Event - Year 3 and 4


Spring 1

After School Clubs


Friday: Multi skills - all years


Up and Coming Events: 

16th January - Whole School Paralympic Day

17th January - Dance from the heart - year 5 and 6  and Multiskills Competition year 1 and 2

7th February - This Girl Can Competition

Multiskills Competition year 1 and 2

Paralympic Day


All of the children took part in boccia, new age curling and goal ball. Here they are in action.

Autumn 2

After School Clubs

Monday: Healthy Lifestyles Club

Thursday: Girls Football - Years 4, 5 and 6.

Friday: Multi skills - Year 1 and 2


Up and Coming Events: 

31st October - Whole School Dance Day

8th November - Dodgeball Competition

18th November - Intra Athletics Competition

Healthy Lifestyles Club

Week 1

We has such a great time that we forgot to take pictures. Here are the recipes.

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Week 2

We had even more families this week. We had lots of fun working with Jake playing teach building games and we made lots of cottage pie with flapjack for dessert.

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Week 3

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Whole School Athletics Day

Whole School Dance Day

Autumn 1

After School Clubs

Monday: Sports Hall Athletics - Years 5 and 6

Thursday: Girls Football - Years 4, 5 and 6.

Friday: Dodgeball - Year 3 and 4


Up and Coming Events:

20th September - Girls Football Tournament 

3rd October - Whole School Rugby Day

11th October - Sports Hall Athletics Competition

Whole School Rugby Day


WOW! What a great day we had. The children loved learning new skills and had great fun too. Here are some action shots.


Year 6 have taken park in two full days of bikeability. They are now able to ride their bikes safely on the road.

Scoot Safe


The year 3's have been learning how to be safe on their scooters. Here they are in action.

Sports Council


Our sports council meet twice each half term to discussion everything PE related. From lessons, to after school clubs to lunch times. They speak to their class regarding PE matters and then feed back to the rest of the sports council.

Our Play Leaders