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Look at us learning

In Spring 2, Year 6 completed lots of Design Technology.  Here are some of the results.

In Spring 2, Year 6 enjoyed the Unit You've Got A Friend in their Music lessons.  They spent the half-term learning the song, playing the instrumental parts on the glockenspiel, improvising and composing.  They also listened to a variety of songs similar to You've Got A Friend and were able to appraise these too using musical vocabulary.  Year 6 worked so hard to produce a final performance.

Year 6 learning about the recovery position and CPR.

In Science we have been learning about the Circulatory System - this is Year 6 making BLOOD!

Science Exercise Experiment.

Using Google Earth and other research materials in Geography.

We studied The Plague.  In our Fabulous Finish some of the children took on the role of the people of the 17th century.  Charlie was the Plague Doctor answering many questions put to him.  Laura showed lots of empathy for Elizabeth Hancock who had lost all of her family and she had to bury them.  

This is our HOOK for I'm a Survivor Art topic.

Finished display looks fabulous!

In Art we used camouflage in the style of Andy Warhol.


As part of our PE curriculum, we have learnt the poem of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  We took inspiration from the words and themes of the poem.  We found a piece of music which we thought suited it and we hope that you enjoy the final product!


To add to our brilliant morning, Mrs Brooks added a wonderful surprise to our 'Fantastic Finish'!  'Jungle John' brought in some of his friends and talked about their taxonomy and how we would classify.  It gave us a real hands on experience of some of his weird and wonderful animals.


We had such a wonderful morning, learning some new sports that have been adapted for people who have disabilities.  We really enjoyed the experience.  Boccia was our favourite - it didn't take long for some of us to get our eye in!



 We have been so impressed by the effort and the spirit of good fun that the children have displayed with their costumes today.  The children completed loads of Time Table based activities during Maths - proving once and for all... MATHS IS FUN!


We have had such a lovely week learning about Little Amal's journey and the plight of refugees around the world.  We have produced some stunning art that you can see showcased at our art gallery on Tuesday.  This Tuesday we enjoyed being more mindful with the help of a yoga session.


We really enjoyed playing a game with our place value cards.  We have been working with numbers up to ten million!


We really enjoyed our afternoon where we were taught some brilliant tips on how to make sure that our bikes are safe to ride.  We were also taught how to fix punctures.  We feel ready and raring to go for our Bikeability now!


In our book 'Running Wild' the main character finds and eats figs that are growing in the wild.  Lots of us had never tried fresh figs before so we had an impromptu 'tasting session', this Friday morning.  Some thought that we should have 'Fig Friday' every week, others were happy to stick to fig rolls!