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Look at us learning




In English, we have been reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. We are using this novel to help us to write our own version with a different problem.  This children have been working really hard to manipulate the reading and orientate them. We have worked on our vocabulary lots and we have introduced a word of the day.

We have been learning skills to help us innovate Running Wild to create our own adventure stories.  We have been using a range of subordinating clauses, adverbs for manner, fronted adverbial phrases, dialogue and much more.  

The child have really enjoyed listening to this song about inverted commas.




In maths, we have been exploring place value, BIDMAS and more recently multiplying by a power of ten. We have been working through the Maths no problem books and applying our knowledge. We are also completing three maths fluency sessions every week to allow us to recall basic number facts quickly and use calculation method more effectively.



In science, we are learning about evolution and inheritance. We have explored the different types of fossils and we have made some fossils of our own.




During PE, we have been looking at OAA. We have worked together to achieve challenges.  Look at some of the dens the children have made. We are doing yoga with the Sports Partnership team.

In PSHE, we have been exploring the foundations to a good relationship/friendship. We have looked at what peer pressure is and how to be a good friend.