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Look at us learning




In English, we have been reading Macbeth. We have explored the themes throughout and we have created character profiles for each main characters.  We have acted out some of the scenes and we will soon be writing the scenes ourselves.



In maths, we have been converting fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions to help us to be able to answer reasoning style questions.  We have using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to help show our understanding. 



In science, we are learning about the human body- specifically our circulatory system. Look at us learning.

In PE this half term, we are doing yoga. Here we are relaxing.

Design and Technology.


We are learning all about eating healthy and exercising throughout this half term.  We are working together to create a restaurant for our parents.  What this space.


In English, we have been reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo.  We have been learning skills to help us innovate Running Wild to create our own adventure stories.  We have been using a range of subordinating clauses, adverbs for manner, fronted adverbial phrases, dialogue and much more.  

The child have really enjoyed listening to this song about inverted commas.


During PE, we have been working with Lancashire Sports Partnership.  We have been looking at OAA. We have worked together to achieve challenges.  Look at some of the dens the children have made.


In science, we have been looking at the different types of fossils.  We used playdoh.  Here you can see a trace fossil and a mould fossil. 


We have also learnt all about light and we have explore light in many different ways.



In Art we have been exploring camouflage.  We have also looked at creating shadows and light effects within our art work.