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Look at us learning



Sports Week!!

This week has been sports week. The children have learnt all about a different sport each day - linked to a key event happening this year.


Monday - New Age Curling (Paralympics)

Tuesday - Football (Euros)

Wedneday - Athletics (Tokyo Olympics)

Thursday - Cricket (T20 Cricket World Cup)

Friday - Tennis (Wimbledon)


Victorian Day

For the children to be able to understand what it was like it the Victorian times, we did a full day as Victorian school children.  We followed all of the rules and took part in activities that they would including: sewing, the three 'r's and gardening. We even ate growl!!!



In English, we have been reading, understanding and re writing the Lady of Shalott as a narrative. This children have decoded the language that Tennyson uses to enable them to do this. This have written diary entries, newspaper reports, summaries and narratives based on their understanding.


 Here is an example of a piece of writing:


The Lady of Shalott

As the sun overlooking a village shone over the fields of barley and rye and a castle overlooking a village name Camelot. Reapers working day by day and night by night. A mysterious melody heard from the castle of Camelot, a girl, who has been locked away from Camelot day by day and night by night. The farmers hear a beautiful melody coming down from Camelot, they ask, “Who is the lady making that wonderful sound, high up in the castle?”


A lady weaving in the in a castle overlooking Camelot, her name was the Lady of Shalott, who has been imprisoned and she is not allowed outside or to look out to Camelot as she weaves and looks through her mirror. She hears the clattering of a horse and hears a whisper saying: “The curse is upon you.” She looks out to Camelot and hears the sound of a knight’s armour. A knight riding a horse as white as snow. Thunder in the sky, the mirror shattered. “The curse is upon me”, the Lady of Shalott shouted. She looks down, as sad as she could be. The curse is now upon her… For the first time in her life she went outside. She found a boat and wrote her name on the boat. She gets on and she floats off. She sings her last song as her blood goes cold. And as her face turns pale she slowly goes to sleep and dies. The villagers find her and grab at the boat. A knight, known as, Sir Lancelot, says, “She has a pretty face, God lend her mercy”, he says this with his heart. “Who is this and why is she here?” he asks. “It’s the Lady of Shalott”, one of them spoke. “She has a lovely face , God bring her mercy and lend her grace” Lancelot spoke with his heart.




In maths, we have finished learning about geometry by exploring 3D nets. We made lots which then help us with our learning. We have even made some at home.

We have also been learning about position and direction. To allow us to understand this more, we played games outside, challenging our partners, to stand in different co-ordinates on the axis.



In science, we have continued to learn about electricity. We have researched Thomas Edison and have written mini biographies all about him. Next, we are going to create our own wire game and create a circuit to allow it to buzz once the wire is touched.


In History, we have been learning about the Victorian Era. We have plotted events on a timeline and linked other aspects of our learning to this. For example: when Thomas Edison was born; when the Lady of Shalott was written and technology in the 1800's.


In PE, we have been learning the rules of Tag Rugby and applying news skills into games. We have also been learning street dance with Tanya from the Sports Partnership.


Here is a glimpse of what we have done so far.


In computing, we have been learning about technology and how technology has changed over time. We have created timelines linking to the 1800's too. We have looked at one of the first ever mobiles phone and have created digital timelines of the development of mobile phones using iMovie.


The inputs and outputs have changed drastically over time and we have explored this. We have created our own games using different inputs and outputs.


World Book Day!

In Maths, we have been learning all about geometry. We have learnt the different types of angles; how to measure them and how to draw them. We then drew shapes with give measurement for the sides and the angles. 

In science, we have been learning all about the circulatory system and how we can keep it healthy. We have linked this lots to PE.


We have also started learning about electricity and we have conducted experiment to determine which materials are conductors and which and insulators.

In PSHE, we have been learning lots about stay safe online. We have also learnt about positive relationships and how to stay healthy.

In Geography, we have been learning about: the lines of latitude and longitude; time zones and countries in Europe.

In RE, we have been learning about the 5 pillars of Islam. The children have explored what each pillar represents and linked them to their lives.

In Design and Technology, we have designed and create proto types of fair ground rides. When we came back to school, we made these using lego and connected electrical circuits to them to allow the to either: move, light up of buzz.

We have developed our art skills at home by producing micro art. We were looking at sketching and detail in a small space - the size of a 2p coin. WOW!

Check out our class assembly below - including feature length episodes of the children's movie trailers.

 2160p (10).MOVDownload
 2160p (11).MOVDownload
 2160p (12).MOVDownload
 2160p (13).MOVDownload
 2160p (15).MOVDownload
 2160p (16).MOVDownload
 2160p (17).MOVDownload
 2160p (18).MOVDownload
 2160p (19).MOVDownload
 2160p (20).MOVDownload
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Autumn 2



During Christmas writing week, we have been reading A Christmas Carol. We have been very lucky and we have also watched a performance of A Dickin's Christmas.


Here is a glimpse of what we have been doing. 


In English, we have been reading the Wizard of Oz. The children will be creating a new character that Dorothy meets. They will then create their own chapter using this new character. To do this we will be studying in detail the chapters and the characters within each chapter.


As a class, we have listened to the story of the Wizard of Oz and we have watched the film. The children are writing a review about this. They have worked really hard to improve their vocabulary.


Remembrance  Day

We have been learning about why we celebrate remembrance day and why we wear poppies.  We have written poems, drawing pictures and created our own poppy wreath.



In maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. We have been converting mixed number fractions into improper fractions and vice versa.

We are also using Times Table Rockstars in school and at home. We are getting faster and faster at recalling multiplication and division facts.

Heart Start


We have now completed the Heart Start course and we now know the basics of First Aid.


In P.E this half term, we will be looking at two virtual competitions which the school are participation. We have been developing our athletics skills to compete in a pentathlon. See the document below for more details.

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This half term, we have also been learning how to play hockey.


In computing, we have been learning how to programme softwares. We have created movies, including: text, video, voice over, pictures and animations.


Here are some of our videos.



In art, have been looking at Wassily Kandinsky's art and how his art was produced through listening to music.  We have listened to the music that he had listened to and we have created our own art work in his style.  We have also been exploring the use of different materials in art to create effect.

We have also been working on our sketching skills. We have learnt to draw the different characters  out of the Wizard of Oz.



In RE, we have been exploring Hinduism and comparing it to other religions.

Autumn 1


In English, we have been reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. We are using this novel to help us to write our own version with a different problem.  This children have been working really hard to manipulate the reading and orientate them. We have worked on our vocabulary lots and we have introduced a word of the day.

We have been learning skills to help us innovate Running Wild to create our own adventure stories.  We have been using a range of subordinating clauses, adverbs for manner, fronted adverbial phrases, dialogue and much more.  

The child have really enjoyed listening to this song about inverted commas.


Monday 28th September 2020

Today, we did a live Zoom call with Angela Blythe (author).  She talked through some of our writing and made suggestions of how we could improve it.

We then had the opportunity to ask Angela lots of questions.


More recently, we have been looking at biographies.  We have been learning lots about Sir Ernest Shackleton. Watch this space for more on Sir Ernest Shackleton.


In maths, we have been exploring place value, BIDMAS and more recently multiplying by a power of ten. We have been working through the Maths no problem books and applying our knowledge. We are also completing three maths fluency sessions every week to allow us to recall basic number facts quickly and use calculation methods more effectively.


We have been looking at how to using short and long methods for multiplication and division.


We have also been using Times Tables Rockstars to practice our times tables.


More recently in maths, we have been looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers.


In science, we are learning about evolution and inheritance. We have explored the different types of fossils and we have made some fossils of our own.


We have also looked at how plants and animals adapt to survive in their environment.




During PE, we have been looking at OAA. We have worked together to achieve challenges.  Look at some of the dens the children have made. We are doing yoga with the Sports Partnership team.



In History, we are looking at the Great Plague. We are going to compare the current circumstances to this - to see the differences and similarities.


We have plotted the event of the Great Plague as well as other significant events in history around that time. 

In PSHE, we have been exploring the foundations to a good relationship/friendship. We have looked at what peer pressure is and how to be a good friend.




In computing, we have been learning to create our own apps. Here we are in action.