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Year 3 Homework 

Here is where you will find the homework for the week. It is given on a Friday and needs to be done for the next Friday.


Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Congratulations to Tianna who won the best book review. Well done Tianna.

During the Easter holidays Kacper made his own electronic maths game. He went and showed several classes, including Year 6 who had been making their own electronic games as well. Well done Kacper, we are so proud of you

Easter homework - The children's homework is to join a library and read a book and tell someone about it. I would love to receive emails from the children telling me all about the books they have read.

Each time they complete a piece of their homework they get to colour a piece of the egg in. The children who complete all of the task(colours the whole egg in) will receive a small prize and there will be a prize for the best coloured egg. 


Joining the library is in preparation for a visit we will be doing  to the library in the first few weeks of the next half term. 


Welcome back after half term.

Please can you send in any empty and clean tin cans you have for a lesson this week. Also can you make sure your child has completed their Guided reading task and been on Times Table Rock Stars, They might be top of the leader board!

Here are some web site links for you to use with your child/ren

They cover lots of subjects and we often use them in the classroom.  You do need to register for this site, but it is free.  

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