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Year 3 Homework 

Hi Year 3

Here is your work for today.  This is work to follow up the Zoom sessions. Please don't complete this work until the individual Zoom sessions have taken place. Please remember to send me pictures of your wonderful work so I can create a display in school. Take care and I will see you on Zoom.
As well as the learning below, you need to read a book and play  on TTRockstars (remember your passwords are in your green spelling journals - please let me know if you haven't got these).
All written work can go in your exercise book in your home learning pack - you DO NOT have to print anything off. If you do find this easier though, that is entirely up to you. Please email me if you need to 

Come on Year 3 , Year 4 are winning the times table challenge !

Here is the link for money games  

Wednesday 20th January

 English 20th January.docxDownload
 In focus 20.1.21.docxDownload
 Stig-of-the-Dump-Chapter-4 story.docxDownload
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Have a look at the work we have been doing while at home learning.

 Chapter 1 , part 1.rtfDownload
 Chapter 1 part 2.rtfDownload
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 Chapter 2 part 2.docxDownload
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Keep sending me all of your wonderful work .