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Look at us learning

On this page you will find all the exciting learning experiences we have had so far this year...

Spring 1



This half term we have been reading Bob - The Man on the Moon. This children have been learning new vocabulary, contractions, expanded noun phases and adverbials for time.



We have been exploring measurement this half term, including length and weight.



In history, we have been learning about the first man on the Moon. We have plotted the key dates in relation to the Gun Powder Plot and when we started school. The children have explored the time line in school to look at the events that happened before and after the the Moon landing.



In geography, we have been learning all about Florida. This children have lots of sticky knowledge about Florida and where it is in relation to the equator.



In PE, we have been doing dance. Our focus has been explorers. We have learnt about different places around the world and created dances in relation to those areas. We have also learnt this dance.



Fire Safety


We have had Bamber Bridge fire brigade talking to us about how to keep ourselves safe. We did lots of exploring and lots of role play.

Autumn 2

Brilliant Beginning.


For our brilliant beginning, the children learnt all about the tradition 'Penny for the Guy' and made their own guy. The children are able to recall the events that happened leading up to the 5th November 1605 as well as the events on the 5th November.


We have been reading the book 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'. The children have learnt lots about owls as well as the structure of the each chapter. They have been learning to use subordination for time as well as reason. They have also been using the co-ordination conjunctions: and, so, but and or.


We have also been looking at instructions. So far, the children have instructed each other, read instructions, followed instructions and ordered instructions.  The children are going to make their own wraps and pizzas with their own instructions. 


In maths, we have been exploring and learning all about multiplication. The children have been using a range of manipulative to show timetables and using lots of different vocabulary to explain multiplication. We have looked at the 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's so far.

Rockstar Day!




In computing, we are looking at blogs. We have create some video blog and started to write some blogs on the iPads.

This week, we have created video blogs (vLogs) all about the subjects that we have been learning about. The children introduced their topics and spoke beautiful about each topic.



In PE, we are learning to play piggy in the middle. We have learnt how to throw underarm, catch, aim for targets and how to keep a stable base and move at the same time. The children have loved it.

Autumn 1


In English, we have been reading Katie Morag Delivers the Mail. The children are able to re tell the story using pictures as well as in written form. They have been in role as Katie Morag and answers questions as well as asking Katie Morag questions.


They have created new ideas for problems that Katie may encounter.


We have also been looking at non-chronological reports. The children have been learning about the Isle of Coll which is the island that the Isle of Struay is based on.  The children will then write a non-chronological report all about Clayton Brook. Watch this space for more...

Letters and Sounds

The children are all doing amazing in letters and sounds. They are learning lots of new sounds and are able to apply them into their reading and writing. This week, we have be looking at split diagraphs and using playdough to help up identify sounds.


In Maths, we have been looking at place value. We have been able to show the amount of ten and ones using resources and using bubbles. We have also been looking at sequences. We can now add 3 more and 5 more. We can also take away 3 and 5. The children have used base ten and hundred squares to help them.

We have also been adding numbers together. First, without renaming and then with renaming. The children have amazed me and they have picked up the column method really quickly! I am so proud of them.

Our topic this half term in 'The Place Where We Live'.

Brilliant Beginning

To immerse the children into our topic, we went on a walk to Cuerden Country Park.


In art, we will be looking at landscapes. The children took the iPads with them and took pictures of different landscapes. We also collected mark marking resources to help us to create a landscape.


In geography, we are looking at the local areas so the children were able to talk about the place where they live and the directions to get to the park.


In PSHE, we are looking at home to keep ourselves safe. On the walk, we talked lots about road safety.


In science, we are looking and living and not living things. The children found lots of living and not living things on our walk.


They did so well and walked a HUGE 3.5 miles!! Well done Year 2.


See below for some of the pictures that the children took.


In Geography, we have been looking at the place where we live. This children have looked at different maps including aerial views of Clayton Brook.  They have be able to identify the human and physical features are them through the use of maps and walking in the local area.

Whole School Rugby Day

  Monday 4th October was whole school rugby day. The children got to experience tag rugby. They absolutely loved it - especially scoring a tri. They learnt how to run with the ball; how to pass; how to tag and how to score a tri. Here are some action shots.


In art, we have been looking at landscapes. We have taken our own pictures of landscapes and we are learning all the skills to be able to create our own landscape picture. The children have explored lots of different materials to mark make and to create repetitive patterns. We have looked at 'Fine Wind, Clear Morning', also known as Red Fuji. This was produced  by Japanese artist Hokusai dating from c. 1830 to 1832. The work has been described as "one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most outstanding of all Japanese prints." The children have recreated this using pastels to blend.



In PE, we have been doing gymnastics and dance. In dance, our theme is the seaside. We have learnt actions related to activities at the seaside. These include: picking up shells; building sandcastles and digging. The children have been created their own sequences with all the new dance moves that they have learnt.



During Little Amal week, we had a special visitor come in and teach us some yoga techniques. It's been lovely to see the children using their new breather techniques in and out of class.



In computing, we have been looking at the unit iAnimate. We have looked at different mini animated films and created our own flip books. We then created another flip book to show different animals lifecycles.


The children have also been using Stop Motion to help create their own animation. This week, they have used playdough to create characters and made their own Stop Motion movies.

Little Amal

During Little Amal week, we learnt all about her life and what the word refugee means. We talked lots about how we would welcome someone to our school and how we could make them feel safe. We shared lots of stories about characters similar to Little Amal. We also learnt about the countries that she has visited so far including their flags and the capital cities.


Find out more about Little Amal here:


Fantastic Finish

To conclude an amazing half term of learning, the children created a replica of the landscape that they took a pictures of whilst we were in Cuerden.  They used all of the skills that we have learnt in art and put them all together. As well as this, the children created their own frames using the natural things that we collected.


As a special treat for the grown ups, the children also made them apple crumble and served this during the art gallery.