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School Closure

On this page, we will upload activities for you to have a go at home. This will be posted every Thursday. It would be great to see what you have been doing at home. You can also keep in touch by completing the form below telling me what you have been doing. In the form below you will be able to type in any English and Maths work you have done or you can take a picture of your work and email me at the email address below.

As we will now be communicating and using the internet more frequently. I have included a link to online safety advice.

The website is or

depending on the age of your child.

If you have any queries, please email me at

Take care and keep safe,


Miss Alston

 Plant hunt.pdfDownload
 Sheet 1- Counting forward to 10.docxDownload
 Sheet 2- Counting backwards within 10.docxDownload
 Sheet 3- Identifying one more than.docxDownload
 Sheet 4- Identifying one less than.docxDownload
 Sheet 5- Comparing groups of objects.docxDownload
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 Healthy plate.docxDownload
 Sheet 1- Recognising numbers 0-20.docxDownload
 Sheet 2- Represent numbers using pictorial and numeral form.docxDownload
 Sheet 3- Recognise the value of tens and ones in a number..docxDownload
 Sheet 4- Identify one more or one less than a given number.docxDownload
 Sheet 5- To compare objects in groups by using vocabulary such as greater than or less than.docxDownload
 The Highway Rat's bag template.docxDownload
 Wanted poster.docxDownload
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 Find a half Lesson 1 Sheet.pdfDownload
 Find a half Lesson 2 Sheet 2.pdfDownload
 Find a quarter lesson 3 sheet 1.pdfDownload
 Find a quarter lesson 4 sheet 2.pdfDownload
 Problem solving sheet 1.pdfDownload
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 Animal addition challenge sheet.pdfDownload
 Blank UK Map.docxDownload
 Caterpillar addition.pdfDownload
 Y1 Wk 1 Hairy Maclary.pdfDownload
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 Missing number line 1-30.pdfDownload
 Simple sentences.pptxDownload
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 5 senses.pdfDownload
 Missing Poster.docxDownload
 Number line.pdfDownload
 Subtraction to 20 using a number line.pdfDownload
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Year One

Complete the following form each week to send your work to your teacher. You can submit images of your work by emailing Miss Alston at