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Look at us learning



We have enjoyed our yoga lessons with the P.E. coach.


In maths, we have been using rulers and non-standard units of measure to measure the length and height of items.


In computing we have been using our new mouse skills on the laptops to create our own computer model using the software Paint.

Fruits and vegetables

In D.T, we have learnt how to distinguish between a fruit or a vegetable. We looked at different foods using our senses and sorted them in to fruits or vegetables. We then had the opportunity to taste some.

Making castles

In art and D.T, we have been making castles using different materials.


In computing, we have been learning how to use a mouse. We know how to move the cursor, click to select an item and how to drag and drop it!


In science, we have been sorting animals according to different criteria, looking for similarities and differences.


We enjoyed learning new sports with the P.E. coach


We have enjoyed using the quizzing app Kahoot! to test our sticky knowledge!

Creepy Crawly Roadshow

We enjoyed a visit from Jungle John as part of our science topic. We looked at different animals and insects such as snakes, scorpions and spiders and had the chance to hold them. 


We have been researching facts about animals for our non-chronological reports.


In geography, we have been learning the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans and using maps to find where different animals live.

Guided Reading

We enjoy our reading carousel every morning in year 1. Each day we take part in a different activity; letters and sounds, comprehension, fine motor skills, handwriting and Bug Club on our class kindles.

Continuous Provision

We have been enjoying our new activities linked to our topic 'The Animal Kingdom' and our book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.

Pleased to Meet You

We have been enjoying playing a new game in Letters and Sounds this week, 'Pleased to Meet You...' to help us practice reading graphemes.

Little Amal

We have enjoyed learning all about Little Amal this week. The children have asked lots of thoughtful questions about migration and refugees. We thought about ways that we could make Amal feel welcome. We have made latterns, flowers, learnt a song, made signs and our week culminated in a welcome party where we danced with Little Amal!

Batman's helpers!

Batman often rings us in year 1 to ask us to write down his secret code! We have to listen carefully to the words and write them down, thinking about the sounds that we hear. Batman has been challenging us to use finger spaces between the words.

Story maps

We enjoyed retelling our stories to each other using our story maps.

Maths resources

We enjoy using resources in our maths lessons. We have been using linking cubes, tens frames and number bond diagrams to help with our counting, ordering of numbers and adding.

Letters and sounds


Brilliant Beginnings!

As our 'Brilliant Beginning' to our history topic, the children this week enjoyed visiting a toy museum! They were able to look at and play with a variety of toys from the present day and the past. Some of the toys were eighty years old! The children then sorted the toys in to old and new.

Our first week in year 1!

We have had a fantastic first week in year 1 with all of the children settling in well.