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Look at us learning

On this page you will find the exciting experiences we have had so far this year...

To continue our fantastic science week, we have been learning about different forces. Today we have been testing different surfaces to see how far our toy car travelled. We tested plastic, paper, carpet and tarmac! Which do you think made the car travel the furthest?

What a superb start to Sports Week at Clayton Brook School! Year 1 have enjoyed learning the skills for curling and dodgeball this morning!

In science we have been experimenting and figuring out which materials sink or float. See pictures below of our super Year 1 Scientists working on fair testing!

This half term we are learning about different materials in Science. Today the children grouped different materials according to their physical properties.

Today we have been using our fieldwork skills as Geographers to follow a route on a map. We even found some hidden treasure!

We thoroughly enjoyed our PE lesson with coach Dave from Chorley Sports Partnership! We practiced lots of skills including bouncing, throwing, catching and rolling the ball! 

Today we have been using concrete and pictorial resources to recognise and write numbers 11-20. 

The children have been using props to orally retell the story of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

We have loved having Jake back from Sports Partnership today! We have learnt new skills of bouncing, throwing and catching!

Annalee using her story map to retell the story of Cat and the Rat!

The children love coming to the front of the class and teaching each other mathematical methods!

We have thoroughly enjoyed drawing each other!

This week we have been focusing on some tricky words. Below, you will see pictures of children using our new 'Say it, Make it, Write it' station!