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Look at us learning

On this page you will find the exciting experiences we have had so far this year...


This half term we are learning about the United Kingdom. Here are some pictures of Year 1 using atlases to locate the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities!

Space Week

As you are aware, this week in school has been Space Week and the children have been involved in some really exciting things, including viewing moon rocks and visiting the planetarium!

Traditional Rhymes

This week we are looking at traditional rhymes and poems. Today, I challenged the children to learn, rehearse and perform a traditional rhyme in groups in front of the class! Here are the videos... 

Fruit Kebabs

In DT this week, we have created our very own fruit kebabs! The children chose their fruit, chopped it and put it on a kebab stick independently! 


This week we have been listening to and following instructions. On Tuesday, the children followed picture and worded instructions on how to make a pirate hat! 

Fruit Chopping

Today we have been practising chopping fruit using our safety knifes as part of our Design and Technology objectives of 'practise working safely and hygienically'. 


This week we have been looking at measuring different classroom items and have been using paper clips as a non-standard unit of measure. How many paper clips long do you think our maths books are?


Today we have planted some cress seeds. We have conducted an experiment to see what plants need to grow. We have put some plants by the window and some in the cupboard! We can't wait to see if they grow. 


Today we have been warming up our faces and bodies ready to learn a new song in music! We have been pulling silly faces, angry faces, big faces and small faces!


This half term we will be looking at plants! The children are beginning to expand their knowledge by sorting pictures and deciding if they are garden plants or wild plants.

Tricky Subtraction

We have been using number lines to subtract from 20! 

The Great Fire of London 

This half term we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. In DT, the children have tested different materials to decide which material would be best for a waterproof bucket, that would be best to put out a fire.

The children then pretended to be firemen and used buckets of water in a line and put out a fire! 

Our Winter Welly Walk

On Wednesday 4th December, we went to Cuerden Valley Park for our Winter Welly walk! The children had a fantastic time and are very excited for our Spring Welly Walk!

 Autumn Walk

Today Year 1 have been on a walk around the school grounds. We have discussed the change in the recent weather, and began to notice the leaves on the trees change colour!

See pictures of our Autumn walk below!

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7 Continents Song


Please see the link below for the 7 continents song the children have been learning in class!