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Look at us learning

This week we have been talking about where we live and who we live with.

We made paper bag houses and the children  showed they were confident using scissors and they cut out the different features of a house, such as doors and windows. When talking about where we live  we used the large construction kit to build a house.  We also talked about lots  of different people  and different kinds of houses such as:  bungalows, flats, cottages, farm houses, castles and eco houses that are built from wood, straw bails and mud for walls, with straw and thatched roofs.

 Today has been World Book Day and all the boys and girls have made brilliant outfits to wear on the day.

We all like reading in Nursery and we have chosen our favourite book and have decided to find an unusual place around school to read our books.

Shrove Tuesday at Nursery 

This week we have enjoyed circle time talking about who we love and the children have made valentines cards, written a special message and baked heart biscuits.

The children have worked hard at home to make their own puppets and have used them in our Puppet Theatre.  All our shows this week have been sell-out!!

Nursery PE lesson - Gymnastics 

This week we have been Puppeteers and performed some really good shows. 
We have also continued to observe the birds and learning their names and habits. 
This week we have continued with our topic on toys and focusing on dolls.  We have learned the rhyme Miss Polly had a Dolly. Please share the rhyme with your child. 

 This week we have been very busy learning a new song called Miss Polly had a Dolly.  There is also a link to the song within the homework section of the Nursery Class webpage.  The children have used the small world toys and role play area to re-enact the rhyme.  In our circle time discussions we have talked about how the children have changed since they were babies. It is amazing how quickly they have grown up to be big boys and girls.

The weather has been very changeable this week, we have experienced; rain, wind, sun and hail, the children have recorded this on our outside weather board.  Winter is definitely here so we have dressed the teddies and babies in winter cloths and talked about why they keep us warm.  The children have fed the birds, created a bird watching area and drawn some very good drawings of the different birds which feed off our bird table. 

This week we have been learning about toys with wheels.  Within our play we have been investigating and talking about how different toys work, whether they have wheels, buttons or remote control  to make them move.  Also using construction toys, crates, logs, planks and unused everyday materials, the children have made a train and a car.  We have also enjoyed listening to The Train Ride Story in small groups.  Afterwards we used the small toys to talk about the story.  If you would like to share The Train Ride story at home I have put a link within the homework section of the Nursery Class webpage.

This week we have been practising counting during our play. This  involves counting items and problem solving.

We have also been involved in lots of activities to develop cutting skills. This included cutting strips of paper to decorate the teddy's jumper and cutting out shapes to make a teddy.

We have also made our own teddy sandwiches for the Teddy Bear's picnic and have learned to spread butter and jam on the bread.

The children enjoyed the Teddy Bear's picnic and meeting Mrs Monks' teddy bear. The children said  "It looks very old but has had lots of hugs."

Please can you sing Round and Round the Garden and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear with your child.

Tizzy Time - Parent's Workshop 

Happy New Year.....

All the children have returned this week following the Christmas break. They have shared lots of exciting news about their Christmas and New Year celebrations.

We have welcomed some new children into our Nursery this term and everyone has made them feel very welcome.

We have encouraged the children to build good friendships and later this week the children will come home with a friendship bracelet that each child will have made.

We have discussed  the New Year, wishes and promises we can make. To help us fulfil our wishes and promises we have made a calendar, wishing wand and a promise balloon.  I am sure your child will share their wishes and promises with you.




Christmas Nativity 

Today the Nursery children retold The Christmas Story and the performance was really good.  I am sure you were all very proud of your boys and girls. 


We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you on Monday 6th January 2020 at 8.45 am


Christmas Party 2019

The children had a great time playing party games and eating party food.  We had a special delivery from Santa which was very exciting.   All the boys and girls have been very good and they each received a lovely present.