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Look at us learning

Spring 2021

Welcome back after Christmas and Happy New Year.  Our topic for this half term is Toys and Winter.  We welcome your support in developing our topic at home and love to see you emailing us your home learning adventure.  Homework can be found in Nursery- Home Learning.  We will update this section weekly so you can view our new learning experiences.  

Snow Fun at Nursery

We enjoyed playing in the snow, making snow castles, painting and drawing snowmen.

Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Through our creative play we enjoyed talking about Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider and Hickory Dickory dock.  

Feeding the birds





                AUTUMN TERM 2020


Below you will find pictures of your children enjoying learning at Nursery.

If you have any queries about the learning please do not hesitate to ask Mrs Monks or email 

We are pleased with the way the children are settling, and are beginning to know the nursery routine.  Our first week was spent covering the topic  'I am Amazing'  where we look forward to learning all about ourselves and making friends. 

Birthday Celebrations

This week we have been talking about birthday celebrations and the boys and girls now know the date of their birthday.

We were introduced to a new member of Nursery - Miss Mouse (Our class mascot).  We celebrated her birthday on Friday and the children made her a delicious cake. 


This week we have been reading Elmer stories in small groups and independently.  ELmer has lots of friends just like the boys and girls at Nursery.  The children have become a good group, well behaved and they show kindness , caring and consideration towards each other, it is gratifying to observe their play.  We have also been developing our pre-writing skills through a range of activities, such as using tweezers to pick up pompoms, printing with different materials and practising our writing with a variety of pens and pencils.  We have learned so much this week... Well done!

Scissor Skills 

The boys and girls have tried very hard this week to use scissors safely in our Creative Area and Malleable Area.  I have seen such determination from all of them, which has improved their cutting skills. 

 Autumn is here! 

The children are trying hard to dress independently for the outdoors , putting on their warm coat and wellington boots.  We have been looking at the leaves and talking about why they are changing colour.  Our new word for this was AUTUMN and most children have been using this word in conversation. 


The boys and girls have been learning to count during their play both inside and outside.


Our Autumn theme has continued.  We have been painting autumn trees using hands and fingers and drawing autumn people with crazy leaf hair styles.

Role Play
We have  enjoyed role play this week carrying out domestic chores in the home corner and selling materials in our Little Pigs Building Yard.
The children have helped to prepare our gardening boxes where we can look after winter herbs and spring bulbs.  



The Nursery children have become great friends and it is good to observe their play, they are kind and thoughtful towards each other.  Their conversations are also very interesting and they take time to listen to each other. Within our Nursery provision we provide lots of activities this in turn helps the children build their independence. 

Design and Technology

We have construction kits available within the Nursery, this provides the children the opportunity to develop their skills and imagination by constructing various models. 

Halloween Writing and Painting

The children have made Halloween cards for their friends and family.  They tried really hard to write Halloween messages.  We have also enjoyed using mini broomsticks to paint and mix colours. 

We are going on  a Pumpkin Hunt

We have enjoyed reading We are going on a Pumpkin Hunt and retelling the story using props.  We were very lucky when we went on the Pumpkin Hunt, the children found a pumpkin under the slide in the playground.  When we returned to our Nursery we carved the Pumpkin  and made soup, it was delicious!



 The weather has been very changeable, but for a couple days this week the children enjoyed playing and splashing in puddles.  We also made rain catchers for our playground to see how much rain we could catch over night. It was not enough to fill a bucket!!!

Learning about shapes through play and creative activities 


People who help us - Fire Brigade 


Armistice Day at Nursery 

Through art and craft the children have learned about the symbolism of the poppy.  On Armistice Day  the children observed the two minutes silence with maturity and respect.  If you would like to access the CBeebies :Poppies please click on the link 


During outdoor play the children enjoyed being superheroes and making an obstacle course using crates, boxes, planks, tyres and log stumps.  We talked about the importance of keeping fit.

Communication and Language

Over the last couple of weeks the children have become confident in communicating with their friends and with the staff in Nursery.

Dental Hygiene


Through play we have been talking about the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day.  Please click on the link to enjoy Brush your teeth song 




The children have continued to enjoy being superheroes and talking about the importance of staying fit and healthy. 



The boys and girls have enjoyed our role play Fruit Shop and we have been learning about why we write.  They have written a shopping list before visiting the shop. 

Healthy Eating and Keeping Fit 
This week we have been talking about staying healthy and keeping fit.  We have printed with fruit and vegetables, made healthy food plates, enjoyed roles in our vegetable role play shop and achieved lots of Superhero challenges.