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General Closure Work and Support

At the moment I am inundated with lots of 'good ideas' and 'resources' that can be used at home. On this page and the links to the right, you will find further work you may wish to complete. This work is not compulsory but I know a lot of you are working very hard to get the work set by your teachers and want extra work to do. If you complete any of the extra work you can send it to your class teacher or include it in the 'other curriculum' area of the form you submit to your teacher. 

I have included support that may help at home to support your child's wellbeing at this difficult time. A mock 'timetable' has been included that a staff member is using to keep her children busy. This may be of use or you could adapt it to support your family.

You will also find links to sites for keeping children safe online. 

Headteacher's Challenge 

Well done to Amber, Megan, Jessica and Rosie for fantastic dens. For images of the dens please see this weeks newsletter (9th April).

This week's Headteacher's challenge is to make an Easter Bonnet (Hat). You could decorate and old hat to improve it or make it 'Eastery', or you could come up with your own ideas. I have included some ideas to help in this weeks newsletter (I think the best ones are made of using old materials that you might not use anymore).

Feel free to send me an image of the bonnet and I will choose one between now and Thursday 23rd April (remember no homework will be set until the 23rd) to receive a Headteacher's award and I will post the winning images in the newsletter. You can send the image to

Remember it must only be a picture of your bonnet and not you!